Bobby Wagner Net Worth: Biography, Income, Career

Bobby Wagner is an American football linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL.

Wagner played college football at Utah State and was drafted by the Seahawks in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

As of 2022, Bobby Wagner’s net worth is roughly $10.4 Million.

Early Life 

Bobby Joseph Wagner was born on the 27th of June, 1990, in Ontario, California.

He played high school football for the Titans. In 2007, he registered 125 tackles (92 solos, 33 assists), including four sacks as a senior. 

He received all-CIF Central Division honors as well as all-Mount Baldy League accolades.

He earned second-team California Division 2 all-state honors after helping lead the Titans to a CIF division title and was named to the All-San Bernardino County team.

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Seattle selected Wagner in the 2012 NFL Draft in the second round. Bobby played college football for the Utah State Aggies.

During his first NFL season, he intercepted his 1st career pass off to Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphin’s quarterback. Moreover, his 1st career sack was on Cam Newton. In addition to this, he achieved many awards and titles from his career so far.

He played alongside and against some of the well known NFL players, including Colin Kaepernick, and many more other players. Bobby is also included in the NFL Top 100 Players of 2014 where he was ranked 69th position.

In 2019, Wagner signed a three-year, $54 million contract extension with the Seahawks through the 2022 season with $40.2 million guaranteed, making him the highest-paid middle linebacker in the league.

In week 16 against the Arizona Cardinals, Wagner recorded a team-high 13 tackles and sacked Kyler Murray once during the 27–13 loss.

As of 2022, Bobby Wagner’s net worth is $10.4 Million. 

Favorite Quotes from Bobby Wagner 

“I said, ‘OK, how can I do something business-related while I’m still in the league?’ and I looked at negotiating my deal as something that I could do if I put the work in, so I did that.” – Bobby Wagner 

“You think about guys that got Nike or Jordan contracts, they always rely on their agent so that when they’re done playing football they don’t have no relationship or contact – you’ve been with Nike or Jordan for like 13 years and you don’t know anybody.” – Bobby Wagner 

“There was a lot that kind of went into it but I had been thinking about it and preparing for it for a while. I felt like I did my homework, reached out to various different people in different avenues that negotiate deals that are not just football, and so I felt like that helped me prepare for that.” – Bobby Wagner 

3 Motivational Lessons Bobby Wagner 

Now that you know all about Bobby Wagner’s net worth, and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from him:

1. Act Positive

More than just thinking positive, you have to put it into action. Action, actually, is the key to developing self-confidence. It’s one thing to learn to think positive, but when you start acting on it, you change yourself, one action at a time.

2. Be Kind and Generous

If this is too corny for you, move on. But for the rest of you, know that being kind to others, and generous with yourself and your time and what you have, is a tremendous way to improve your self-image.

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3. Get Prepared

It’s hard to be confident in yourself if you don’t think you’ll do well at something. Beat that feeling by preparing yourself as much as possible. 


Wagner is a five times Pro Bowl Champion and three times First-team All-WAC, Bobby is among the highest earners of recent times in NFL history.

As of 2022, Bobby Wagner’s net worth is estimated to be $10.4 Million.

Bobby Wagner Net Worth: Contract, Salary & House

Bobby Wagner, born Bobby Joseph Wagner, is an American football linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks of NFL.

Starting his professional career in 2012, Bobby Wagner has garnered an estimated net worth of $10.4 million, with an average of $1.076 million salaries per year. 

In addition to his impressive bank account, Bobby’s career highlights and awards prove him a valuable asset for the Seahawks. Hence, he is worth every ounce of a penny he has earned to date. 

Furthermore, the Colony High School graduate attended Utah State University, where he represented the college with an impressive 445 tackles and four interceptions during his college career. 

Therefore, Wagner’s earnings from his NFL career are undoubtedly his primary source of income. However, we are open to options.

Thus, we shall discuss more Bobby’s high career earnings, contract, salary, & more.

But, first, let’s start with a few facts about the Super Bowl champion (XLVIII), Bobby Wagner.  

Bobby Wagner Net Worth & Earnings 

As mentioned earlier, Bobby Wagner’s net worth was estimated at $10.4 million throughout his NFL career.

Thanks to his impressive career as a pro football player, the Los Angeles native not just earned a massive net worth but also a spectacular persona of himself. 

Wagner earned all-CIF Central Division honors and second-team Calif Division 2 All-State honors in high school.

He became one of the highest-paid footballers in the Seattle Seahawks from back-to-back success from high school to professional years. 

Three-Year Deal Contract Worth $54 Million Made Him Highest-Paid Linebacker. 

Aforementioned, Bobby Wagner’s three years college career at Utah State University ended after 445 tackles in total.

Hence, impressed Seattle Seahawks signed Wagner to a 4-year contract worth $4.30 million, which guaranteed $2.51 million and a signing bonus of $1.57 million. 

Furthermore, Seattle Seahawks signed its middle line breaker to a 4-year long contract extension that guaranteed him $19.97 million and a signing bonus of $8 million.

Hence, Wagner’s initial average salary, $1,076,950, proliferated to $10,750,000 during the revised 4-year contract in 2015. 

You can check their profile here.

Contract Extension

In the 2019 season, Pro Bowl Linebacker Bobby Wagner managed to negotiate a 3-year extension contract worth $54 million. In addition, the agreement made him the highest-paid middle linebacker in the NFL. 

Furthermore, Wagner was guaranteed $40.2 million and a signing bonus of $15,000,000 with a salary is $18,000,000 per annum. 

Thus, Bobby Wagner’s massive salary as an NFL player doubles his net worth every year.

Besides having an impressive paycheck from the league, he also earns from brand endorsements and sponsorships. 

Earnings From Endorsements & Sponsorships 

As seen above, Bobby Wagner’s earnings are massive, thanks to his rigorous work to establish himself as a pro footballer.

Alongside sportsmanship, Bobby Wagner makes impressive money from brand endorsement and sponsorships. 

According to Forbes, Bobby makes at least $500,000 from endorsements. Furthermore, his sponsors include high-end brands like Nike and BodyArmor. 

Interestingly, Nike is arguably one of the biggest sponsors in the world. It supposedly spends over $6 billion annually on athlete sponsorships and endorsements.

Hence, Bobby Wagner makes decent money as a Nike athlete. 

Increasing Sponsorships

Similarly, Wagner’s BodyArmor sponsorships also help increase his star-studded fortune. Besides subsidies, Wagner is also open to book for corporate appearances & motivational speakers.

Correspondingly, his fees reportedly range from $10,000 t0 $20,000 or are negotiated by his agent; however, he acts as a free agent at the moment. 

Like Bobby Wagner’s Instagram bio says, ‘there’s more than meets the eye,‘ he supposedly started his own agency called, The Franchise Agency.

Moreover, he candidly linked the site in his Facebook page, which opens to a notice, “more coming soon.”

Bobby Wagner Net Worth | Assets & Lifestyle 

All the complex works and dedication have raised Bobby Wagner’s net worth rapidly. Thus, the multimillionaire is now able to afford a very comfortable lifestyle. However, he seems to remain very grounded and humble. 

However, Wagner seems to take his privacy pretty seriously. Hence, there are little to no details about his residence.

But, Wagner respects and tries to honor his mother through his actions, like preserving what he inherited from her. 

Love for his mother

If we failed to mention earlier, Bobby Wagner’s mother, Phenia Wagner, died in 2009 after a heart attack while still in college freshman year.

Therefore, he has dedicated his life to tributing every success to his mother. 

Even when Mrs. Wagner was alive, the mother-son duo used to talk constantly via phone.

Even after her death, Bobby would call his home and hear his mom’s voice on the answering machine. 

Hence, every house Bobby Wagner buys, every car he drives is always a tribute to his mother.

As of now, he must be living in a luxurious home in California away from media scrutiny. However, Bobby & Richard Sherman helped a couple with a few home buying tips. 

Mom’s Car, Bobby Wagner’s First Car 

As Bobby Wagner’s net worth increased rapidly since his professional career in Seahawks, he can afford any luxury cars of his dream. 

However, the one Wagner treasures the most is Lexus, the one his mother gave him on her deathbed. 

According to the Seattle Times, when Wagner is home, he drives a 2008 Lexus and keeps it in ‘pristine condition. Moreover, he plans to keep his prized possession forever. 

Ninja Turtle Backpack

Besides the 2008 Lexus worth $34,185, Bobby Wagner also treasures a ninja turtle backpack.

When someone broke his car in December 2014, he asked the perpetrators to return his backpack via Twitter. 

Seahawks’ middle linebacker eventually managed to get his backpack back. These are just a few examples of Bobby trying to compensate for his loss and preserve his mother’s spirit.

In a way, Bobby Wagner’s mother’s car and her backpack seem to be more valuable than his multi-million fortune. 

Bobby Wagner’s Earnings Flow Towards Charity Events

Apart from making multi-million from his NFL career, Bobby Wagner is very active in philanthropic works. 

On May 4, 2019, Wagner collaborated with a nonprofit organization, Generosity Feeds & MOD Pizza, to pack meals for 10,000 children in his hometown, Ontario, California. 

Wagner later said that he wanted to go back to the city he grew up and help the needy. 

Likewise, the same year, Wagner was leading the NFL’s fifth annual Charity challenge.

Furthermore, the challenge is a social media campaign supporting and promoting team nominees for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. 

The winner of the award receives $250,000 donated to the charity of his choice. 

Other philanthropic works include Walk with Wagner for stroke awareness in the Seattle community, Bwagz Sees You as he delivered supplies to nine homeless encampment sites throughout the city. He also purchased nine homes for these sites.

Yearly Ritual Of Buying Groceries For Locals 

Also, Bobby hosts several holiday shopping events around Thanksgiving and Christmas to support those in need with Christmas presents or groceries.

He was also named 2019 NFL Week 13 ‘Community MVP’ for packing Thanksgiving meals at a local grocery store and helping with the delivery. 

Likewise, in 2018, Bobby decided to take 98 kids on a shipping spree as one of his yearly rituals of giving back to the world.

Similarly, he partnered with Kellogs Frosted Flakes and helped support middle school and youth sports. 

Bobby, along with Frosted Flakes, helped raise the donation via his Instagram post.

Moreover, he also partnered with Safe Way and delivered meals to the LIHI Housing encampment sites to ensure ‘no one goes without a meal.”

Hence, a large chunk of Bobby Wagner’s net worth goes for his community’s well-being. 

Babby Wagner’s Fortune | Carrer & Achievements 

Seattle’s superstar linebacker started his career at Colony High School, where he played high school football for the Titans. 

Furthermore, Wagner’s college career at Utah State University was glorified with 445 tackles, 4.5 sacks, and four interceptions.

Pre-draft career achievements were quite impressive as he was named the Senior Bowl MVP and was named the North’s most Outstanding Player after the North team defeated the South 23-13. 

NFL Debut

Moreover, the Seattle Seahawks selected Wagner in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft. He further made his professional regular-season debut and career start in the Arizona Cardinals’ season-opener in 2012. 

Additionally, Wagner remained the middle linebacker to start the 2013 regular season under coordinator Dan Quinn.

Besides, in 2014, Wagner began his first Super Bowl on February 2, 2014. He also made ten combined tackles as the Seahawks routed the Denver Broncos 43-8 & won Super Bowl XLVIII. 

Likewise, he won seven times Pro Bowl and was names NFL tackle leader twice. Moreover, he also earned Steve Largent Award in 2017. 

Consequently, with all the support and love Bobby Wagner garnered from his fans, he is sure to reach the greatness he’s been aspiring for alongside his fortune. 


  1. Bobby Wagner has a daughter named Quincey Wagner, born shortly after the death of his mother. 
  2. Seahawks’ defense leader, Bobby Wagner, is not married yet & his relationship status is private. 
  3. Bobby Wagner was born to Bobby Wagner Sr. and Phenia Wagner. 
  4. Wagner spends his childhood with his brother, Robert Turbin Wagner, a football player, and sister Nakima Ward. 

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