Bruce Buffer Net Worth, Career, Early Life and Salary

Bruce Buffer is an American UFC announcer who has a net worth of $10 million. He has earned his net worth as the main Octagon ring announced for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Katie Grimes Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Early Life: 

Bruce Anthony Buffer was born on May 21, 1957 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a teenager, while his family was living in Philadelphia, he began studying martial arts. He eventually earned a green belt in judo and a black belt in Tang Soo Do.

Buffer and his family moved to Malibu when he was 15. In California, he continued his martial arts training and even became friends with Chuck Norris. It was Chuck who introduced him to Tang Soo Do. Buffer also studied kickboxing for several years until his doctors told him he had received too many concussions.

UFC Career: 

At UFC events, Bruce is introduced as the “Veteran Voice of the Octagon”. He is also known for his catchphrases and signature moves. He begins each event with the phrase “Ladies and gentlemen, we…are…live!” Before each main event, Buffer proclaims, “This is the main event of the evening,” followed by “This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for,” and finally, “It’s time!”, before introducing the final two fighters. He also employs his signature move, named the “Buffer 180,” where is motions across the Octagon and then quickly spins 180 degree to point to the corner being introduced.

Outside of the UFC: 

In addition to his UFC announcing, Buffer also works as announcer at many other events, including international MMA promotions and K-1 events, the 2008 Joel Casamayor vs. Michael Katsidis HBO boxing event, and the biannual Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) submission wrestling tournament. He is also the official announcer for the World Series of Beer Pong, and his voice has been featured in the video game Smite and the UFC-inspired song “It’s Time” by DJs Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke.

Outside of announcing, Buffer is a skilled poker player and has appeared on ESPN’s World Series of Poker Main Event and has also appeared on an episode of the TV series Poker After Dark. He announced the phrase “Shuffle up and deal!” at the final table of the 2010 World Series of Poker and the Luxor Las Vegas poker room was named after him. Buffer has also appeared in episodes of several television series such as “Friends” and “Entourage,” and films like “Here Comes the Boom” (2012), “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” (2015) and “Holmes & Watson (2018).

Personal Life and Salary: 

Buffer’s half-brother is world-famous boxing announcer Michael Buffer. They were introduced by their father Joe Buffer in 1989. Together they own a company called “The Buffer Partnership”. It was Bruce’s idea that Michael should trademark his now-famous catch phrase “Let’s get ready to rumble!”. Michael would go on to earn hundreds of millions of dollars off the phrase thanks to licensing deals and appearance fees.

Bruce and Michael’s grandfather was a famous boxer named Johnny Buff. Buffer was previously married to Annie Buffer, but the couple finalized their divorce in 2015. Together, they have a son Dougie Buffer. 

Bruce Buffer’s UFC salary is $100,000 per event.

Bruce Buffer is known to be the “Veteran Voice of the Octagon”. He is the official Octagon announcer for the UFC and is the half brother of the famous boxing and professional wrestling ring announcer, Michael Buffer. In this article, we’ll take a look at Bruce Buffer’s net worth in 2021. Cara Banks Net Worth (2022): Height, Age, Net Worth, Husband & More

Bruce Buffer’s Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Bruce Buffer’s net worth in 2021 to be at $10 million.

Before becoming the famous voice for UFC main events, Bruce Buffer ventured into mixed martial arts himself.

As a 13-year-old in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Buffer studied Judo and he achieved the rank of green belt. When their family moved to Malibu, California, he met students of Chuck Norris who introduced him to the Korean martial arts discipline called Tang Soo Do.

Buffer earned a second-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do and then he transitioned to kickboxing in his twenties. Unfortunately, he was forced to stop the practice of various MMA disciplines at 32 years old due to multiple concussions that he suffered.

In 1996, Buffer announced the preliminary bout of UFC 8, and eventually all of the fights for UFC 10. He was then cast in a guest role in season 3 episode 24 of the famous sitcom Friends titled “The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion” wherein he as himself.

His cameo urged UFC owner Robert Myer to hire him as the full-time ring announced, which helped jumpstart his dream job as a ring announcer.

“I met with the owner, Robert Myer, and I said: ‘Look, I feel like a girl waiting to be asked to the prom and nobody’s asked me to the prom.” Buffer said. “I’m going to ask you one more time. I want to be the announcer the octagon announcer. I will help you build this business and go on to greatness with everything I can give you.”

Ever since then, Bruce Buffer is the ring announcer for the UFC for 25 years. He has developed a lot of moves and catchphrases in order to engage the crowd and hype up the match that he is announcing. Delonte West Net Worth, Early Life, Career and Salary

Buffer usually begins the event with the line “Ladies and gentlemen, we…are…live!”. And for every main event, he starts with “This is the main event of the evening,” followed by “This is the moment you have all been waiting for!” before exclaiming his most famous catchphrase “It’s Time!”.

Aside from his catchphrases, he also has a signature move called the “Buffer 180”, wherein he motions directly into the octagon and quickly spinning 180° to point to the corner and introduce the fighter.

At UFC 100, Joe Rogan convinced Bruce Buffer to perform the “Buffer 360” during the main event championship match between Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar.

 Unfortunately, his 25-year streak of announcing UFC events came to an end at UFC 267 after he contracted COVID. However, he is primed and ready to get back into the octagon and start another streak by UFC 268.

Aside from his work with the UFC, Bruce Buffer is seen and heard in numerous other projects and MMA promotions internationally such as the K-1 events and the Abu Dhabi Combat Club.

He also appeared in several TV shows and movies such as Entourage, Tosh.0, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Hell’s Kitchen Season 19, and Holmes & Watson.

Buffer also lent his voice as an announcer in multiple video games such as Smite, Paladins, Destruction AllStars, and the EA Sports UFC he was also an unlockable player in the third installment of the game.

Buffer is also a world-rated, professional poker player. He has appeared in ESPN’s World Series of Poker Main Event where he played World Champion Chris Moneymaker in 2007 and he also made the final table of the World Poker Tour Season 3 Invitational at the Commerce Casino.

He also appeared in NBC’s Poker After Dark in an MMA versus poker pro match along with Strikeforce’s Dan Henderson and UFC Champion Randy Couture. Jon Gruden’s Net Worth, Salary, Bio and Career

As of September 2010, Luxor Las Vegas has named their poker room after Bruce Buffer.

Bruce Buffer, along with his half brother Michael Buffer, started their business called The Buffer Partnership. Their company focuses on business licensing and appearances. In fact, it was Bruce’s idea to trademark Michael’s famous catchphrase “Let’s get ready to rumble!”.

As for Bruce Buffer’s salary, he is said to be making $100,000 per UFC event only. That still does not include all the other business ventures that he has.

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