Felix Verdejo Net Worth 2022: Wife, Record, Age, and Biography


Félix Gabriel Verdejo Sánchez also known as Felix Verdejo (born May 19, 1993) is a Puerto Rican former professional boxer. Felix Verdejo Net Worth is $20 million in 2022 according to Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth.

He represent Puerto Rico at the 2012 Olympics and was strip of his 2012 Olympic gold medal after being charge with first-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend later that year.

Did you know Felix Verdejo very well? But do you know how old and tall he is, and what his net worth is in 2022? If not, we have prepared this article about the details of Felix Verdejo biography-wiki, career, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height t, and more facts. Well if you’re ready, let’s start.

Felix Verdejo Net Worth

Felix Verdejo Net Worth is $20 million in 2022 according to Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth. Felix Verdejo earned the bulk of his personal wealth as a professional boxer. He pocketed around $175,000 for a fight against Terry Flanagan in 2016 via prize money, which happens to be the majority of his personal estimate net worth.

Felix Verdejo Amateur career

In 2012, Verdejo won the lightweight title at a qualification tournament. His qualification was assure when he defeated a Mexican opponent in the quarterfinals since the top-4 finishers in his weight class qualified for the 2012 games.

Felix Verdejo Net Worth

At the 2012 Summer Olympics, José Verdejo defeat José Huertas of Panama in the first round of 16–7 before being beaten by Vasyl Lomachenko of Ukraine. Verdejo was also a Pan-American Youth Champion.

Felix Verdejo Professional career

In October 2012, a 19-year-old youth by the name of Verdejo became an adult in Cuban lore and legend when he signed with Top Rank, becoming a professional boxer for an undisclosed amount rumored to be over $600 million.

A few years after he joined Top Rank, at the young age of 19, this prodigy won the “New Hispanic Promise” category of the 2013 Premios Juventud on July 18 of that year. Towards the end of 2013, this talented boxer was vote “Prospect of the Year” by BoxingScene and Top Rank. Felix Verdejo Net Worth is $20 million in 2022. Mahala Norris Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Verdejo would ultimately have to work hard to claim his first title. It was announce in January 2015 that Mexican boxer Marco Antonio López (24–5, 15 KOs) was his latest opponent in a scheduled 10 round bout. However, the date was later change due to Verdejo injuring his hand and instead took place on April 25th of the same year after being reschedule for a second time.

Verdejo fought on the undercard of a fight between WBO super featherweight champion Martinez versus Lomachenko at Madison Square Garden Theater in New York on June 11, 2016. He defended his Latino title against experienced Mexican fighter Juan Jose Martinez (25–2, 17 KOs), who had won six fights in a row since his seventh-round technical decision loss to Rey Bautista in September 2014.

On the 22nd of December 2017, it was announce that Rey Verdejo would fight at the Madison Square Garden Theater on March 17th following a period of inactivity in the ring. The next week, fame contender Antonio Lozada Jr. was line up to face Verdejo, who previously face back in February 2017. As of Jan 2018, the bout became official!

Felix Verdejo Аgе, Неіght, аnd Wеіght

Felix Verdejo was born on May 19, 1993. He is 28 years old as of 2022. Felix Verdejo’s height is 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm and his weight is 61 kg. Felix Verdejo Net Worth is $20 million in 2022.

Felix Verdejo Personal life

Verdejo was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and has two brothers and two sisters. Once Verdejo (his nickname is “Papito”) discovered his passion for fitness, boxing became his true calling.

He started boxing at the age of 9 and rather than turning it into a competitive sport, he embraced it as a hobby for which he continuously practiced for years. On August 7, 2016, Verdejo was involve in a motorcycle accident while traveling from Fajardo to Carolina, Puerto Rico with his best friends who were also avid bikers.

On April 30, 2021, Verdejo was name by police as potentially implicated in the disappearance of a 27-year old pregnant woman, Keishla Rodríguez. It was later reveille that she was pregnant with his child.

On May 2, he turned himself in to the police and appeared in court via video link while pleading not guilty to the charges against him on May 11. Reports at the time revealed that Verdejo would not face the death penalty if convicted of murdering Rodríguez. This is contrary to earlier reports that had indicated that he had been sentence to death for his role in her disappearance.

Professional boxing record

Felix Verdejo wife

The boxing champ is not only known for his heavyweight belt. He’s also been married to a beautiful woman name Eliz Marie Santiago Sierra for eight years and they have a baby girl together name Miranda.

Felix Verdejo Bio: Family, Career, Loss, Awards & Net Worth

Young and competent, Felix Verdejo is a professional who may get sloppy between the matches.

However, his ring management skills and charismatic personality give him all of him. Best known for his 2012 Olympics match, Verdejo currently competes as a lightweight.


Apparently, Verdejo has even been honore as the most popular Puerto Rican boxer. He drew comparisons to another legendary fighter from Puerto Rico: Felix “Tito” Trinidad.

As a young and developing phase, he can be perfectly define as one of the sport’s most exciting fighters.

Felix Verdejo

“I loved boxing from the first day I tried it. As a professional boxer, I want to be a world champion. I want to unite my country and bring happiness to my people.”
-Felix Verdejo

Body Measurements

Felix Verdejo is an athletic guy with a medium-built structure who stands at 5 ft 9 in (175 cm).

Apparently, during the early phase of his career, Verdejo started late in diets and plans. He has a maintained weight of 61 kg (135 pounds), which his reach extends to 72 inches (183 cm).

As for his appearance, Verdejo is a tan-skinned guy with black curly short hair. However, his eyes flaunt the brown color.

Felix Verdejo | Early Life

Verdejo (fully named Félix Verdejo Sánchez) was born on May 19, 1993, under Taurus’ sun sign in San Juan, Puerto Rica. Furthermore, he is the son of Madeline Sanchez and has two brothers and two sisters as siblings.

To date, Verdejo’s early life, education, and much information about his family background are in the shade. However, Felix Verdejo is the only boxer from his family. As I take you to a brief memory, he started boxing at the young age of nine.

Additionally, his childhood story of finding boxing is pure entertainment. According to the source, Verdejo was first involved with baseball during his childhood days. In such an event, some other child (apparently a boxer) threw rocks at him.

Thus, Verdejo, filled with innocence, went home to complain to his father. Guess what his father said? Well, he wanted Felix to learn boxing and have a spar! Then, it all started. Felix Verdejo put on his gloves and trained in the club under the trainer Ricky Marquez.

Amateur Career

Verdejo showcased promising traits as a boxer during his training phase and was, thus, real close soon enough. Following it, he bagged the Pan American Youth Championship in 2010.

Verdejo even claimed the gold in Ecuador’s International Tournament golden belt and was later titled the tournament’s best fighter.

Afterward, just as an 18-year-old, Verdejo also claimed the 2012 American Boxing Olympic Qualification Tournament. His glorious victory was against the Mexican rival in the lightweight division. Keith Appling Net Worth, Professional Career, NBA Wins

Altogether, he further partook in the 2012 Summer Olympics, where he lost against Vasyl Lomachenko of Ukraine. However, he had defeated Panamanian José Huertas and Tunisian Ahmed Mejri.

Simultaneously, he also bagged the gold in Cheo Aponte International Tournament and the Americas Olympic Classificatory Tournament in Brazil.

Felix Verdejo | Professional Career

After accomplishing his little steps, Verdejo stood as a professional boxer after signing in with Top Rank.

As they signed the contract in October 2012, their contract had a bonification of $600,000.

In the bargain, Verdejo first bagged the 2013 Premios Juventud; hence, BoxingScene and Top Rank voted him in for the “Prospect of the Year.”

Later, Verdejo faced the undefeated Lauro Alcantar at the start of 2014.

As for that fight, he won the match by knockout in only 21 seconds. Altogether, he stood with a career record of 16–0 (KO 12), while ESPN.com named him the ‘Prospect of the Year’ for 2014.

WBO Latino championship

Before fighting for Verdejo’s foremost title on February 25, he faced a hand injury and was thus, postponed to April 25. As a result, Verdejo won the match in Puerto Rico via technical knockout in the fifth round.

Similarly, Verdojo made his HBO debut on June 13 at the Madison Square Garden Theater in New York City. Overall, his first match in the HBO also came as his foremost title defense over undefeated American Ivan Najera by unanimous decision.

Following it, he had victories over Brazilian Josenilson Dos and Brazilian William Silva (win via unanimous decision). Afterward, his fight took two months later against the Mexican Jose Luis Rodriguez at the Coliseo Roberto Clemente.

In fact, Verdejo was supposed to face Daniel Evangelista; however, he withdrew due to tendonitis (tendon disorder). All in all, Verdejo took over Rodriguez and stood #2 in the lightweight while he was #3 in the WBO. John R Velazquez Net Worth, Career and Salary

Even after it, he featured in the WBO super featherweight champion Martinez vs. Lomachenko. At the event, Verdejo took victory over Mexican boxer Juan Jose Martinez and was expected to face lightweight contender Jose Felix Jr.

However, Felix was reported to ask for ‘four times the money available’ for Verdejo’s opponent due to which they couldn’t come up to a decision. Likewise, at the end of the event, Verdejo spoke through his translator that he wanted to fight the best.

Therewith, he was set up with the WBO champion Terry Flanagan for early November, which went down the drain due to his motorcycle injuries. Consequently, Verdejo returned to the arena on February 3, 2017, against Oliver Flores at the Coliseo Roberto Clemente in San Juan.

The match aired as the victory through a unanimous decision in the 10th round.

Felix Verdejo vs. Terry Flanagan

The match against Terry Flanagan is the most awaited for Felix Verdejo, which is yet unsure. All in all, as we look back, the fight was first put in action through Bob Arum and Frank Warren.

Following it, many thought it to be held on September 9, 2017; however, they dealt for September 16, 2017, at the Copper Box Arena in London.

The holdup was created as Verdekjo was only offered $175,000, and hence they wanted $450,000 with the inclusion of travel expenses to Flanagan’s home country.

After the deal, middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders was also expected to participate on the same card.

However, all the preparations clashed when Warren mailed the Top Rank on July 17 to update Flanagan’s leg injury. Following it, medical reports evidence was also sent the next day, which postponed the fight.

World Title

Afterward, Felix Verdejo was kept busy with Gilberto Ramírez vs. Jesse Hart in Tucson, Arizona, where he was supposed to face Antonio Lozada Jr. In the end, Verdejo was down with an injury and thus, only appeared after 13 months at the Madison Square Garden Theater on March 17, 2018.

Therewith, Verdejo finally faced Lozada, who delivered him the first professional loss of his career. After his foremost defeat, Verdejo was out of the ring for eight months and only returned on November 10, 2018.

“I was at the top, and then I experienced what it was like to be trampled on by the same people who put me up there.

I learned to be the best at what I do, and the goal now is that when it comes to boxing, my name is on that list. We continue marching forward.”
-Felix Verdejo

Post Title Loss

He first faced Mexican journeyman Yardley Armenta Cruzat the Mario Quijote Morales Coliseum in Guaynabo with his comeback. Hence, he bagged his victory and fought Bryan Vasquez at the Madison Square Garden next. Likewise, he took the victory and later went to change his trainer after the critics’ opinion. Steven Johnson Net Worth 2022: Biography, Income, Career

Hereby, he commenced his work alongside renowned boxing trainer Ismael Salas, who has before trained Guillermo Rigondeaux, Luis Ortiz, and Erislandy Lara. Fighting under his new trainer took him a few times to regain his control; however, he managed to speed up his wins.

Many critics stated that he did not have any charm as he did in the 2012 Olympics games.

Felix Verdejo vs. Masayoshi Nakatani

Verdejo fought the Japanese fighter Masayoshi Nakatani on December 12, 2020, for the WBO Inter-Continental Lightweight title. Although Verdejo lost the fight, he became the first boxer to knock down Nakatani.

To illustrate, Verdejo was in his posture for the first rounds knocking Nakatami in the first round and again in the fourth round. However, Nakatami was unhurt, and following it, both of them portrayed good landing shots.

Felix Verdejo vs Masayoshi Nakatani

Altogether, Nakatamin knocked out Verdojo in the ninth round, which came as the TKO victory.

Felix Verdejo vs. Will Madera

The recent match after the COVID 19 outbreak was between Felix Verdejo and Will Madera on July 16, 2020, MGM ‘Bubble’ in Las Vegas. The fight first started with a right uppercut from Verdejo, followed by another. Subsequently, the game ended off at 2 minutes, 59 seconds of the first round, as Verdejo took the victory.

“Stay ready because Felix Verdejo is back. I’m ready to fight against the best.”
-Felix Verdejo

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