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Jessica Springsteen Net Worth: Jessica Rae Springsteen (born December 30, 1991) is an American equestrian. As of 2022, Jessica Springsteen’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million. She earned this through her career as an equestrian. However, it is not possible to make an exact calculation about the fortune of this great player. We have estimated Jessica Springsteen’s net worth, salary, money,  income, and assets.

Who is Jessica Springsteen?

Rock is part of the lineage, but no one in the Springsteen family was forced to be a musician. Bruce Springsteen, creator of Born in the USA, and Patti Scialfa, member of the E Street Band, had three children: Evan James, Jessica and Samuel Ryan. The first studied music at Boston College. Sam, the youngest, joined the fire department in his city, Jersey. And Jessica, the middle daughter, chose to dedicate her life to horse riding. It was the decision with the greatest impact in her life, because today, 25 years after starting in that sport, he represents the United States at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Carl Nassib 2022 Net Worth, Salary, Records, and Endorsements

It will debut on Tuesday, August 3 from 7 in the morning in Argentina in the specialty of horse jumping. In case of qualifying, The Boss’s daughter will participate in the final, scheduled for the following day at the same time (Wednesday at 7 am). Then they will compete in teams: on Friday, also at 7, the qualifying round will take place, and 24 hours later, always at that time, the definition for the medals will be developed.

Jessica had an unbeatable environment to start in the sport that she still loves today, at 29 years old: a 121-hectare family farm located a few kilometers from New York. The metropolis, source of ideas for countless songs, books, series, and novels, was the protagonist in some of her father’s most significant lyrics.

“For a life away from the paparazzi”

The most commercially successful years were passing when Bruce and Patti decided to leave the west coast of the United States. As soon as Jessica (born in Los Angeles) and her brother Samuel were old enough to go to school, the family moved to New Jersey, the state where Bruce was born. The destination was Colst Neck, an austere municipality of 10,000 inhabitants; close enough and, at the same time, far enough from the demographic giant that is the Big Apple. JOE SCHILLING NET WORTH and Biography

Music journalist John D. Luerssen refers in his book Bruce Springsteen FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About The Boss ( frequently asked questions made about Bruce Springsteen: all that remains out more about El Jefe ) Bruce and Patti wanted a life “outside of the paparazzi ”for their newborns. It was there that Jessica began to ride, on a pony that was given to her when she was six years old. “Every little girl loves ponies. I was obsessed with mine, ”she recalled in an interview with CNN Equestrian. Years later she would obtain one of her most valuable horses, Vornado van ben Hoendrick, which would give him, 12 years later, the bronze medal at the Lexington regional championship. Lexington is a major equestrian centre in the United States.

It didn’t take long for her talents to translate into medals. She started out competing among tiny horses and won at the Washington International Pony Equitation Classic Final. She then moved on to older horses and did well too. In 2008 she won the ASPCA Maclay National Championship, a most prestigious contest; “Springsteen steals the show at the ASPCA Maclay Final,” titled The Chronicle of the Horse.

From then on, Springsteen spun her career together more easily. Her performances in adolescence allowed him to be a substitute in London 2012. A curiosity: Jennifer Gates and Georgina Bloomberg, daughters of Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg, also participated in the pre-Olympic selection to integrate the American team in those games, but neither of them made it to the final selection. Showjumping appears to be attractive to descendants of celebrities in that country: a few years later Eve Jobs, daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs, competed in the Lima 2019 Pan American Games. You can check their profile here.

At the conclusion of those London Games, Peter Charles, winner of the gold in the British team in show jumping, sold his horse to Jessica, due to the “need to invest in a new group of young horses for Rio de Janeiro 2016.” That the Olympic champion handed over the winning equine to Springsteen was quite a sign. And that “wink” was the beginning of a three-year peak in the career of the young Californian: she took the jackpot in the American Gold Cup 2014.

That victory consequently earned her the merits to become an equestrian ambassador for Gucci. In May 2015 Springsteen was ranked 47th in the world’s “most commercially valuable athletes” ranking, compiled by British magazine SportsPro. However, none of that prevented the rocker’s daughter from being left out of Rio 2016: for those Games, Jessica was not selected.

Jessica and her parents, Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen, in 2018; protected her from possible media harassment by moving from California to New Jersey. (Walter McBride /)

Of course, in the mind of an athlete falls should never be the cause of surrender. Four years later, and thanks to her perseverance, the third will be the charm for Springsteen, an inactive substitute in London 2012 and absent in Rio 2016. Now, the number 27 in the world ranking is Olympic and her last name will appear publicly, this time not because of her father’s music.

Jessica Springsteen net worth and salary: Jessica Springsteen is a Horse Jockey who has a net worth of $460 million. Jessica Springsteen was born in Los Angeles, in December 30, 1991. Champion show jumper who has won events like the ASPCA Maclay National Championship. She has also represented the United States in the Show Jumping World Cup and 2012 Summer Olympics.


Champion show jumper who has won events like the ASPCA Maclay National Championship. She has also represented the United States in the Show Jumping World Cup and 2012 Summer Olympics.


She grew up on a horse farm in New Jersey and began riding horses at age four.


She won the George H. Morris Excellence in Equitation Championship in 2009.


Her parents are rock stars Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa. Her father, New Jersey legend Bruce Springsteen, is responsible for American classics like “Born in the USA.”

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