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Jimmy Galante made a rather successful living off of his trash collection empire that he set up in Danbury, Connecticut. But he is also famous for owning the Danbury Trashers, a minor league hockey team that had his son managing it at just 17 years old. Steven Johnson Net Worth 2022: Biography, Income, Career

Netflix’s ‘Untold: Crime and Penalties’ chronicles Jimmy’s profitable ventures and how the hockey team grew in popularity and gained notoriety. But it all came crashing down for Jimmy when he was arrested and later convicted on racketeering and conspiracy charges. So, let’s find out Jimmy’s net worth then, shall we?

How Did Jimmy Galante Earn His Money

Jimmy grew up in South Salem, New York, and started his career as a driver for a sanitation company. When he was denied a raise, he quit and set up his first company: Countywide Carting. By mid-1979, he started another business, Automated Waste Disposal, in Danbury. The company grew by leaps and bounds, taking over 80% of trash collection services in Connecticut and having an active presence in a few counties in New York.

In 2004, Jimmy bought a hockey franchise and set it up in Danbury, calling them the Danbury Trashers, taking their name from the business that Jimmy was so successful in. The team brought in many fans into the arena and were perhaps best known for their brawling style of play, racking up high penalty minutes on their way to a successful two seasons.

As the owner, Jimmy was a constant presence at the arena and was a well-recognized figure in the community by then. Jimmy also contributed to various good deeds within the community, including a football stadium for the local high school and a pediatric department at the local hospital.

However, Jimmy was under investigation by the FBI because he was suspected of having ties to the mob. Undercover officers, wiretaps, and search warrants led to his arrest in 2006. Eventually, Jimmy pled guilty to racketeering, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and conspiracy to defraud the IRS. He was alleged to have made quarterly payments to the Genovese crime family to keep competition at bay.

As a result of his conviction, Jimmy had to give up control of 25 businesses he owned, valued at around $100 million at the time. He also had to surrender his racing car collection and properties in Southbury, Connecticut. Close to half a million dollars found as part of the raids on his property were also seized by the government. He was allowed to keep a single company, Enviro Solutions, that was not operated from either Connecticut or New York. Mahala Norris Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Jimmy Galante’s Net Worth

It is unclear how much Jimmy is worth since his release from prison in 2014. The government agreed to pay Jimmy about $10.7 million as part of the plea agreement, a share from when the properties were sold. Jimmy Galante’s net worth could be somewhere between $1 million and $5 million.


The newest episode of Netflix’s Untold dropped on August 31, 2021, exposing the origins of defunct ice hockey team, the Danbury Trashers, owned by James Galante. So where is the trash magnate now?

Netflix’s newest sport-docuseries Untold reveals notable events within sports history, though they never received the coverage and truth that it deserved. Sport haters, no need to be thrown off – the series caters to all audiences and even if you have no clue about who the athletes are, you’ll get briefed pretty thoroughly.

Starting off with ‘Malice in the Palice’, director Floyd Russ chronicles the Pacers–Pistons brawl of 2004, through the eyes of the basketball players who were heavily penalized for the altercation. Featuring never-seen-before archival footage, Caitlyn Jenner recounts her glory days in the 70s and 80s, during her internal battle to live as All-American athlete Bruce Jenner.

Untold takes a turns into true crime with the stories of Christy Martin, the most famous US female boxer and episode 4, Crime and Penalties.


James/Jimmy Galante was the king of garbage disposal and the mastermind behind the illegal activity which pertained to the Danbury Trashers. So yes, he was the one who committed the crime and faced the penalties.

In his own words, his son AJ was “the love of his life”, so the next step was to gift the 17-year-old teen his own hockey team.

With connections to the Genovese crime family who conducted organised crime in New York and New Jersey, Jimmy was the inspiration behind Tony Soprano in the HBO series From this, you knew that the Danbury Trashers weren’t going to be the usual league team.

Gaining the bad boy reputation, its players were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars under the table to play violently during matches and initiate brawls. Their mission to beat opponents on and off the ice proved successful as they dominated the UHL (United Hockey League).

Meanwhile his trash disposal business was discovered to be involved in the mob business to eliminate competitors, in order to dominate the industry in surrounding areas. At his peak, Jimmy empire boasted 25 disposal businesses worth over $100 million in Connecticut and New York. Danny McCray Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Wife


On June 9, 2006, Jimmy was charged for racketeering, wire fraud, tax fraud, witness tampering and allegations that he attempted to commit arson and kidnapping – the indictment claimed that he tried to damage the truck of a business rival and kidnap the driver at gunpoint.

He pleaded guilty at New Haven federal court, facing seven-and-a-half years in prison.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Trashers’ head coach Todd Stirling were exposed for violating the UHL team salary cap of $275,000 – players were rewarded duffel bags of cash and hid the illegitimate payments as housing allowances. Ron Artest Net Worth, Biography, Career Beginning and Family

  • Jimmy spent six years in Allenwood, a federal penitentiary in central Pennsylvania and was released in 2014, with no empire waiting for him since it was handed over at the time of arrest.

He told The Atlantic that he was “Enjoying life.” As for his son AJ, he’s now the owner of Champs Boxing Club since 2015 in Danbury.

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