Baseball fans were taken aback today, July 21, as Chicago White Sox rookie Yermin Mercedes announced his retirement all of sudden, that too on an Instagram post. As Yermin is leaving baseball indefinitely, what’s next for him? Let’s take a look at his net worth and the fortune he has built over the years. 

Yermin’s latest Instagram post only consists of the words “it’s over”. It was in the caption that the player detailed his decision to retire from baseball. His statement read in Spanish, “First of all, I want to thank God for giving me life to the fans that without them I’m nothing.”

“I walked away from baseball for a while. God bless you. It’s over,” he added further. 


Yermin was pivotal to White Sox. He set a major league record in April 2021 by becoming the first baseball player in modern MLB history to start a season with eight consecutive hits.  

At the age of 28, he has undoubtedly achieved great height in his career and even gathered an impressive net worth for himself. 

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According to PlayerWiki, Yermin has a net worth around $5,00,000. As far as the salary is concerned, he reportedly received a base salary of $570,000 while playing for White Sox. 

Furthermore, he is said to have made an average of $150,000 a year for eight years from his minor league career. 


While he had established himself in his career, the former MLB player is also set in his personal life. 

He is happily married to his wife Alejandra, who is currently carrying their children. Yes, you heard it right! The couple is expecting twins, according to Alejandra’s Instagram post. 

Sharing a gender revelation video, she wrote, “We made one wish and two came true, God is wonderful and perfect, he is never wrong!” announcing that they were expecting twins. 

“A princess and a prince are on their way  we were only 2 now we will be 4,” she added further in the end. 


Soon after seeing Yermin’s Instagram post, Twitter users surfaced on the platform to wish him luck for his future, while some noted how his exit would impact the team.

One tweeted, “Tony La Russa and the #ChangeTheGame organization will talk to Yermin Mercedes directly. As in any of his concerns were he stands baseball wise professionally. Foremost though in mind will be his overall well being. As in life going forward. And hopefully being at peace within.”

Another added, “I feel horrible for Yermín and I hope he comes around to see how valuable he his. But giving up on his progress is not the answer. Being sent down to AAA is common for developing players. If he puts in the work, he’ll be back. Quitting baseball entirely is a curious decision.”

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Yermin Mercedes Net Worth

Are You Looking at Yermin Mercedes Net Worth 2021? Mercedes is a Dominican professional baseball catcher who has been playing for the Chicago White Sox baseball team since 2020. He has played many tournaments such as Major League Baseball, DSL Nationals, etc. On July 21, he made a news announcement on her Instagram that she was leaving baseball. After doing this, his name started trending on the internet. Mercedes is a luxury person, he spends millions of dollars on his lifestyle. Yermin Mercedes Net Worth Estimated $5 Million In 2021. In This Post, I am Going To Talk ABout Yermin Mercedes Net Worth 2021, Cars, Career, Bike, Bio & Many More. Mercedes is a famous baseball player, he has become a player on his own, he did not need any support.

Yermin Mercedes was born on February 14, 1993, in La Romana, Dominican Republic, his basketball game is liked by many people boys and girls. Is a successful player of the Chicago White Sox and played a very important role to make his team win. Let us know complete information Yermin Mercedes Salary, Income, and Net Worth.


Yermin Mercedes His full name is Yermin Francisco Mercedes and he was born on February 14, 1993, in a middle-class family in La Romana, Dominican Republic. He was fond of baseball since childhood because he used to be the captain of the same team when he was studying at La Romana Private High School.

He has played many tournaments in his school time and has worked hard to become a professional player without taking any coaching. He used to be a great catcher in his school time. He also used to Batting very well to make his school team the winner.

There’s no denying that Mercedes is a better baseball player. They have taught themselves how to play this game. He has kept many things in his life private and he is not so active on social media. It keeps a lot of focus on the game.

Age, Height and Weight

It is important for a baseball player to have good height as well as a good health condition. Talking about Mercedes, his height is 6 feet 4 inches and his weight is 79 kg, apart from this the health condition is right.

Height: – 6 feet 4 inch

Weight: – 79Kg

Yermin Mercedes Relationship & Family

Mercedes has not found any information about his family on the internet as he has not disclosed any information about his family. When we get to know any information about this, then we will definitely update you through this post. After a lot of research, it has been found that he has a brother, his name is DrakulaEl DeLaGrasa, he is a Social Media Influencer.

Relationship – Mercedes married social media influencer Alejandra Mercedes in 2020, although both of them were dating for a long time. Alejandra Mercedes is currently pregnant.


Mercedes started his baseball playing career in his school time, he has won many matches in his school time. He started his professional career on March 3, 2011, by signing the Washington Nationals basketball team.

He has been in this team for 3 years and won many matches and used to do catcher and batting in his team.

In 2017, Mercedes was selected by the baseball team Chicago White Sox and made his 2020 debut with this team in MLB.

After his debut in 2020, the first match was called against Kansas City Royals, he performed well in this match.

In April 2021, he made a record of the first hit by playing against Los Angeles Angels.

He has won many awards in his baseball career.

Yermin Mercedes Net Worth 2022

According to a report, the total net worth of Yermin Mercedes is Estimated to be $5 million in 2021. It had just signed a $570,500 annual contract to play with the Chicago White Sox. The Chicago White Sox gives it every month as an average salary of $80,000. The average annual income of Yermin Mercedes is $1.1 million and this year his net worth has increased by 21%.

Mercedes is a popular face among baseball players, she spends some part of her net worth in maintaining her lifestyle. Mercedes’ net worth includes a lot of luxury cars, bikes, and properties. Mercedes’s net worth grows through brands, promotions, TV ads, social posts, etc. Mercedes charges approximately $600k – $1 million for advertising.

Yermin Mercedes Salary & Income (2022)

According to a 2021 report, Yermin Mercedes takes an average salary of $570,500 from the Chicago White Sox every year. Every year this salary increases. A prize of $60k-$70k is awarded for playing well in each tournament.

Yermin Mercedes Cars & Bikes

Mercedes is a beginner professional baseball player who has played in several tournaments for Chicago. He is very fond of vehicles. He has millions of dollar cars in his app garage like Mercedes-Benz, Mustang, Hyundai, Bugatti, etc.

Facts About  Mercedes

  • Does he Smoke? (Yes)
  • Does he Alcohol? (Yes)
  • Mercedes announced on his Instagram in July 2021 that he was leaving baseball, after which he deleted his message.
  • He has featured his brother on Instagram.
  • They like eagle very much.

Wealth Dependency Of Yermin Mercede

At present Yermin Mercede’s net worth is growing all the time. We hope he can continue his baseball career. We have told you many information about Yermin Mercede Net Worth 2021, Income, Salary, and Bio. If you know any information, then you tell us through a comment.

As of 2021, Yermin Mercede’s Net Worth is estimated at $5 Million.

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